Friday, 14 September 2007

Hello out there!

So here I am, trying something new, on the recommendation of a friend whom I trust. I'm still trying to decide what I'll post here. Perhaps my poetry, and book reviews. This will probably not be the only short blog posting on this page! Until I feel secure about what goes here, I will merely post to keep it open.

So, for today, a poem posted elsewhere on the 'Net!



… that the road is long,
the hills steep, the river wide,
will I yet remain aloof,
or will I be your guide?


…that the song is true,
the tale real, the poem grand,
will I still remain above,
or will I take your hand?


…how the way will go,
the path rough, the mileposts few,
will I then remain apart,
or will I walk with you?

© Copyright 2000 by Teri Bannerman