Monday, 23 December 2013

And If I Could

And if I could,
I’d drown myself
inside the sweetness
of your kisses.

And if I could,
I’d lose myself
within the fire
of your passion.

And if I could,
I’d leave myself
inside the shelter
of your loving.


Copyright 2013


Hold me,
just like this,

Cherish me,
just like this,

Love me,
just like this,


Copyright 2013

In a Fog

Cloudy eyes
that cannot see clearly
the words on the screen.

Cloudy mind
that cannot see clearly
the light in her smile.

Cloudy heart
that cannot see clearly
the beauty of her soul.


Copyright 2013


I’d like to be the one
at the end of that
heated stare,
burning from its wild

I’d like to be the one
at the root of that
pointed look,
thrilling to its sharp

I’d like to be the one
at the start of
that naked stare,
open to its raw


Copyright 2013

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Audio Blogging?

My friend Nigel posted a link to his new page on Sound Cloud, and I went to visit.  He has recorded part of his newest novel on there, and suddenly it came to me, as I listened to him, that I could record myself reading my poetry and some stories there, too!  I've done one.  I wrote the poem I read below on April 16, the sixteenth poem I had written for NaPoWriMo, which was the month-long poetry-writing challenge held last month. 

Go here to listen:

I hope you all enjoy this!  I think I will!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Solitaire for Two

He was standing over me, waiting for me to make the next move.  I shifted away from him, not wanting to be touched or watched.  I studied the cards, then shifted the ace of hearts to the two of hearts.

"Why'd you do that?" he demanded.  "You could have made two moves instead of one, if you'd..."

"Look," I interrupted tightly, "It's called 'Solitaire' for a reason!"

I gritted my teeth, and studied the carfds for the next move.  There was a blank space that had to be filled before I could deal again.  Should I move the stack of clubs?  I did, but didn't like the ten of diamonds that t revealed.  That was only one move and I wanted more for my empty space.

"Can you do that?  Isn't that cheating?"  His voice rasped over my shoulder, raking into my raw nerves.

"I can do whatever I like!" I snapped.  "Why don't you go find your own game to play.

"Because I want to be with you," he replied.  "You said we don't spend enough time together, and you used to like it when I helped you before."  He paused, then added, "Besides, two heads are better than one!  Don't you want to win the game?"

"I'm going to win the game.  I always do!" I snapped again.  It's not about the winning!"

"Then what's it about?  Why play a game if you don't care about winning?"  He was clearly puzzled.

"Maybe I'm trying to think.  Maybe I'm trying to avoid thinking.  Maybe I'm trying to avoid you!" 

I was past caring what I said at that point.  I only desperately wanted for him to go away.  I remembered how we used to play Solitaire together before, how good it felt to move multiple cards and make giant leaps when he and I played as one.  First I would move, then he'd follow on, until we'd won with a great score.

But things were different now.  Now Solitaire was really only for one person.  Anyone else was an intruder, and this intruder had usurped my place as master and become better than me.  And he had taken to flaunting it, which irked me more than I would have thought possible.  Why did he have to be better than me at everything?  Why couldn't I excel at something?  Not even a bloody game of Solitaire was safe!  'Solitaire for two' was just another place for him to win over me, to be better than me, to master me!

Well, not anymore.  I was determined to take back my game, and my self-esteem, and to hell with him!  He needed to win -- I needed to escape.  Let him win at his own game -- Solitaire was mine! 

I clicked on the X to close the window.

"What are you doing?" he protested.

"Didn't I tell you?  Game over!" I said, closing the game.  "You want to play?  Go ahead, start your own game!"

I stood up, expecting him to follow me.

He sat down...

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Fiction in a Flash: "Oh hell!"

The lights blinded her.  They swirled around, dazzling her eyes.  She squinted and sat up.  What the hell had happened?  Where the hell was she?  Why the hell was she cursing 'hell' all the time?  Where was Dirk?

Her eyes tracked over to the glasses, and the sight brought it all back.  Oh hell!  Dirk!

Fiction in a Flash: "Arousal"

He looked at the single rose in the bud vase and felt his body harden.  The delicate pinkness of the petals, kissed by crystal droplets, brought back the memory of their time together.  He saw her lying open, ready, offering herself.

He touched a trembling finger to a drop, and sucked it into his mouth.

Fiction in a Flash: "The Plan"

Counting down the hours, she watched the boat chug upriver.  When Evensong ended in the great Cathedral -- she sighed for the loss of the songs -- she would slip through the flood gates down to the water.  The boat, and her freedom, would be waiting.  Hefting the market basket, she trudged back to her scullery duties. 

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Kiss me, y'all...

Irish greeting
...I'm 1/8 Irish!  {#greeny.gif}

God bless my sainted great grandmother, may she continue to rest in peace.  I met that old lady -- she lived to be 104! -- but I was just a wee bebae in arms at the time.  My mum has a picture of her and my great grandfather, who looked to be African, posing in the typical Victorian way...she on the chaise with a mob cap covering her hair, he standing behind her, both with austere and serious expressions on their faces.

I would have liked to have known them...

I'm happy to be a mongrel.  My mongrelness -- or is that "mongrelity"?  {#basic-tongue-out.gif} -- has given me a unique and satisfying perspective on the world, and on people.  I'm glad I don't see in black or white, or even in Irish.  LOL!  My children -- the two Americans and the one Antiguan -- claim their Jamaicanness with as much eager acceptance as I claim my Irishness.  It's that delightful mongrelism (un huh, that's another word!) that makes us such great people to get to know!

Anyhoo, happy St. Patrick's Day to ye all, both the Fully Irish, the Fractional Irish, and the Wannabe Irish!  {#blower2.gif} {#giggle.gif}

Monday, 21 January 2013

Inaugural Thoughts

You know, I may not be nationally known (and in the climate in this country, I'd rather NOT be, thank you!), but I DO know I could have written a MUCH better poem than the one showcased in the Inauguration! Maybe it's my English teacher snootiness coming out, but I haven't been too impressed by the poems that have been shared with the USA and the world recently.  Don't all kill me now, but that's just me! I am, to put it plainly, underwhelmed! 

Just as a poem, it did absolutely nothing for me. I love poetry (and I know I am in a minority in this!) but I think a poem for an Inauguration needs to be grand, in honor and recognition of the grandeur of the occasion. Which is not to say it can't be about ordinary things, and ordinary people, but you know, the best poets make the ordinary grand without too much effort!  And is there supposed to be some kind of time limit on the poem?  In other words, is it supposed to be five minutes long, even if it's the worst five minutes of the entire ceremony?  Good grief!!  The two "prayers" were unsatisfying to me as well. 

The music, however, was stellar!  The soloists were brilliant, and Brooklyn Tab...priceless!!  I did hear echoes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Mr. Obama's speech...and I approve, Mr. President! 

Maybe what I'll do the next time I have a minute is I'll write my version of an Inaugural poem, and then, if I'm really brave, I'll send it to the Chief! See if he and his lady would agree with me that I could have done a far better job of it! 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

In the beginning...

...rather than resolutions, how about these two?  They sound like a plan to me, especially given my situation at work, where I spend most of my weekdays.  I think I'm gonna run with them!

“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.”  
― Kurt Vonnegut

“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.”   ― Ralph Waldo Emerson